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Investing in Climate Transition Leaders

Seeking to generate a positive impact on climate transition and therefore, benefiting from secular growth trends


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What is the current Climate Crisis?

The Earth's temperature is rising at an unprecedented rate, with irreversible changes. Human kind’s activities, including the persistent burning of fossil fuels such as coal and oil, have led to dangerous levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Why is it a focus?

  • Climate change is the greatest challenge of our time.
  • The challenge involves maintaining a warm but liveable climate without more harmful consequences for biodiversity & human life
  • Achieving net zero requires massive investments from both private and public sectors over the next decade.
  • Innovative solutions are the cornerstone of climate transition.

Why Amundi Funds Montpensier M Climate Solutions?

Invests in what we believe are today’s and
tomorrow’s leaders.

Focused on three major transition drivers:

• Responsible Energy,
• Natural Capital Preservation,
• Efficient Transport.

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