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By pooling together all its expertise in the areas of real estate, private equity, private debt, and green infrastructures on one division, Amundi provides easier access to asset classes which allow for diversification and long-term yield.
Amundi Real Assets offers a complete range of direct fund/investment and multi-management solutions, and also has a dedicated team on Impact Investing.

An established specialist of European real assets with 40-year experience in real estate, 20+ years in private capital and 10 years in private debt. Since inception of our integrated division in 2016, AUM have grown by nearly 60%*, reflecting the booming European alternative markets.
Amundi Real Assets boasts leading market positions in Europe such as:
Picto - Rating
#1 Office Real Estate Manager²
Picto - Rating
#5 Real Estate Manager²
Picto - Rating
#10 Private Debt Fund Manager³
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Make private markets truly accessible with established standards in ESG, impact investing and risk management

Picto - AuM
€60.5bn Of AuM¹
Picto - Employees
c.220 Employees and partners¹
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Multi-decade Expertise
Dominique Carrel-Billiard

Amundi’s power, infrastructures and financial robustness are key to offer transparent and institutional grade investment solutions on European real assets.

Dominique Carrel-Billiard, Global Head of Amundi Real Assets


2021.07 - ARA - Olivier Paquier - VOIX OFF - EN

Real Assets, a source of return and a vector of diversification

Olivier Paquier

Head of Business Development and ESG, Amundi Real Assets


Amundi Outlook 2021 - Real Assets - EN

Private markets: a strong value proposition that may emerge reinforced after the crisis

Dominique Carrel-Billiard
Global Head of Amundi Real Assets


ISR specificities in real estate- Interview Sandrine Lafon Ceyral

Our team at Amundi Real Estate, along with various market groups, has addressed the environment pillar for several years.

Sandrine Lafon-Ceyral
Deputy Head of Investment & Asset Real Estate,
Head of SRI Policy - Amundi Real Estate

Capabilities in Real Assets

Launched in 2016, Amundi Real Assets has doubled its assets in the last five years, and manages today €60.5bn1 of AuM across the four main asset-classes, namely : Real Estate, Private Debt, Private Equity and Infrastructure, in direct investments or in multi-management, and has a dedicated team on Impact Investing.

Real Estate

Specialist of Core/Core+ properties in European prime cities with a focus on offices, Amundi Real Estate is ranked number 1 across Europe for Office Real Estate2

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International - ARA -Private Debt - Expertise vignette

Private Debt

Specialist of Senior corporate debt, commercial Real Estate Debt and LBO debt in the Eurozone, Amundi Real Assets is ranked as the number 10 Private Debt Fund Manager in Europe3

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Private Equity

Amundi Private Equity Funds specialises on growth capital and buyout in the European midmarket with a focus on active minority stakeholding.

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Infrastructure and Energy Transition

Amundi Energy Transition focuses on energy transition assets: electricity generation and energy efficency.

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Private Markets multi-management

Amundi Real Assets specialises in fund management selection across Real Estate Private Debt, Private Equity and Infrastructure in order to offer tailor-made solutions to investors.

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International - ARA - Impact investing vignette

Impact Investing

Amundi’s Impact Investing team specialises on Private Impact Investing across Europe and more specifically in France, and manages the largest Social Impact Investing strategy in France.

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Amundi Real Assets manages more than 1,700 assets in 16 countries across Real Estate, Private Debt, Private Equity and Infrastructure.

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1 Source Amundi as at September, 2021. Including pockets managed on behalf of other expertises
2 IPE Real Asset Top 150 Real Estate Fund Managers, December 2020.
3 Preqin Markets in Focus: Alternative Assets in Europe, September 2021.

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