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Retirement and the Regime Shift: what’s next for pension funds?

Published 17 March, 2023

Retirement and the Regime Shift: what’s next for pension funds?

Published 17 March, 2023

Clients tune in on March 9th to Amundi’s dedicated digital pensions event.

This year’s Amundi Pension Fund Club gathered pension funds from across Europe, Middle East and the Americas to listen to Amundi’s experts to share their analysis and views on some of the key issues of concern to pension funds in 2023.  

This year’s event started by looking back on the challenging market conditions of 2022, in particular the return of inflation, how this has impacted pension portfolios and the implications for asset allocation going forward.

Other topics covered:

  • A discussion of the main geopolitical expectations and risks for investors over the next year
  • A focus on climate risk and the likely impacts on return expectations and strategic asset allocation in the medium and long term
  • The return of fixed income after a difficult 2022, examining some of the opportunities available to pension fund investors in both developed and emerging markets. 
International - News - 2023.03 Pension Funds Club
International - News - 2023.03 Pension Funds Club
S. Rougeron, Head of Corporate Pension Funds
V. Mortier, Group Chief Investment Officer
A. Rajan, CEO CREATE Research
F. Ciceri, Head of Institutional Coverage - A. D’Orsay, Head of Fixed Income
Y. Syzdykov, Global Head of Emerging Markets


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