Marketing and training

Marketing and training


A partnership-based mindset

Any new relationship with a client is driven by a strong partnership mindset.

Our goal is to develop long-term business relationships and support you with training programs, joint events, content, campaign management and quality marketing material.


A 360investment and sales support framework

As a partner, you benefit from our extensive experience and resources in marketing, economic research, and training to help you deploy and explain our solutions to your advisors or/and clients.

  • Clear and effective multi-dimensional communication adapted to the target audience.
  • Comprehensive support: network events, reporting, advisor training, marketing toolkit, market information.
  • All dimensions (branding, wrapping, language, universe…) can be customised.
  • Wide range of communication tools adapted to your objectives.



The Amundi Investment Institute - supporting advisors and end clients' financial knowledge

In today’s increasingly complex and changing world, it is essential for investors to understand their environment and the evolution of investment practices in order to determine their asset allocation and construct their portfolios. This implies a broad knowledge of economic, financial, geopolitical, societal and environmental dimensions.


The objective of the Amundi Investment Institute is to strengthen and improve investment advice, training, and day-to-day discussions. The Institute caters for all our clients - distributors, institutions and corporates - regardless of the assets Amundi manages on their behalf. 

Under the umbrella of the Amundi Investment Institute, this division brings together our research, market strategy and asset allocation advisory activities.

Fully-integrated within the investment process.

Conviction-driven research and advice.

Multi-disciplinary approach to support investors.

A wide range of publications and events.


 Visit the Amundi Investment Institute website


Amundi Academy: a comprehensive training framework

Amundi Academy combines a powerful toolset with a specific range of targeted training modules.  Implementing a complete training strategy across your network has never been easier.

  • Training Platform: manage and monitor your training and strategy with a dedicated platform.


  • Training content library: enjoy access to training programs and modules especially designed to address the challenges your advisors are facing.


  • Gamification tools: provide your advisors with access to gamified training tools.
Amundi academy



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