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A selection of our Thematic Solutions 

Environmental Challenges Megatrend      


KBI Water Fund

A high conviction, equity portfolio of companies seeking to provide solutions to the challenges around the supply of clean water. 

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Circular Economy
CPR Invest - Circular Economy

Invests in companies adopting circular production and/or consumption models, or that offer circular economy solutions to producers and consumers.

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CPR Invest - Climate Action

Committed to limiting impact of climate change in line with the United Nations’ 13th Sustainable Development Goal.

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CPR Invest - Hydrogen

Fund that seeks to capture the tremendous growth of the hydrogen ecosystem.

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KBI Global Energy Transition Fund

A solution that seeks to benefit from trends related to the Energy Transition.

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Amundi Funds Montpensier M Climate Solutions.png
Amundi Funds Montpensier M Climate Solutions

Seeking to generate a positive impact on climate transition and therefore benefit from secular growth trends.

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Demographic and Social Challenges Megatrend 


CPR Invest - Food for Generations
CPR Invest - Food For Generations

A sustainable approach seeking to contribute to the challenge of feeding the world’s population. 

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KBI Global Sustainable Infrastructure
KBI Global Sustainable Infrastructure

Global strategy investing in sustainable infrastructure companies involved in the provision of water, clean energy and food transportation and storage.

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CPR Invest Global Lifestyles
CPR Invest - Global Lifestyles

A powerful theme, seeking to capture long-term consumer trends which are driven by major societal & demographic transformation.

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Technological Revolution Megatrend


CPR Invest - Global Disruptive Opportunities
CPR Invest – Global Disruptive Opportunities 

A thematic global equity fund investing in companies that either establish or benefit from disruptive business models.

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