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Net Zero


Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our time. Geographically each of us are experiencing the effects in different ways, whether it be increased temperatures, forest fires, droughts or flooding to name but a few. It can also have a negative effect on biodiversity, health and food1. There is no disputing that despite generating the lowest emission that developing countries are being hit the hardest1


It's time to take action: together it's more powerful

Humans and human induced activities have led to an increase in Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGs), which in turn triggered a need for action and in 20152, at COP21, 195 parties adopted the Paris Agreement3. The Paris Agreement aims to “keep global temperature increase ‘well below’ 2°C”, but also to “pursue efforts to limit it to 1.5°C”. But, as things stand, the world is not on track to meet this target.

In order to achieve the objective set out by the Paris Agreement, we need drastic change in the way our local and global economies operate. We believe this can be achieved by aligning policies and strategies with carbon reduction goals.


Supporting our clients in their Net Zero and carbon efficiency efforts

At Amundi, we are working with our clients all along the investment value chain to support the global Net Zero objective. We seek to support the global objective of reaching Net Zero by 2050 through investment solutions, advisory & engagement and knowledge based services.

Net Zero Asset Managers initiative

Amundi is deeply committed to the fight against climate change. And as part of this commitment, we joined the Net Zero Asset Managers (NZAM) initiative in July 2021, committing to support the global objective of carbon neutrality by 2050 or sooner.

ESG Ambitions 2025 Plan

In December 2021, we announced our ESG Ambitions 2025 plan, which set out ten concrete objectives to accelerate our ESG transformation and pave the way towards carbon neutrality by 2050.

We aim to achieve this by:  


While we are aware that developing a climate resilient environment must be a collective effort, the ESG Ambitions 2025 plan allows us to contribute at our level to the net zero objective3.

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The role investments could potentially play in reversing global boiling

As people are setting off or preparing for their summer holidays; a time where tourists seek good weather, rest time and exploration,  the news on the TV is startling and dampening the moods of tourists and locals a like.

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Net Zero
Take action with your investment on the journey to Net Zero

The energy transition could provide a range of opportunities for investors who are aiming to generate positive returns while seeking to make a tangible contribution towards climate change. But how can investors get involved?

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Transitioning to a new world
Transitioning to a new world                             

How will The Paris Agreement affect the world in it's transitions away from fossil fuels? Fossil fuel-dominated sectors like oil companies or utilities are already facing deterioration of their credit rating.

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From Paris-Aligned to Net Zero by 2050

What is the objective of the Paris Agreement? Click here to find out more about the Paris Agreement.What is the objective of the Paris Agreement?   

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How could you potentially contribute to Net Zero efforts?

Net Zero is not a one-size-fits-all. There are tools, guiding principles and experts who can support you in your Net Zero Investment decisions.

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The journey to Net Zero, a global effort

How aligning on a Net Zero future together can be more powerful. The world is currently not on track to meet Net Zero by 2050. In order to make a change  to reach the Net Zero

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4 ways to reduce your carbon footprint as we kick off the new school year

As we continue to hear about the importance of Net Zero it’s important that we all play our part.  It’s never too young to start learning about making more environmentally conscious decisions.     

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Understanding the Importance of the journey to Net Zero                       

We're talking about Net Zero. It's a phrase you have no doubt heard on television and the radio and read in the news headlines.

But what does it mean? Why does it matter? 

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Net Zero Ambition solutions


Amundi Funds Net Zero Ambition US Corporate Bond

Seeks to achieve a combination of income and capital growth while reducing carbon emissions.

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Amundi Funds Net Zero Ambition Emerging Markets Equity

This fund focuses seeks to support companies contributing to the transition to “Net Zero” in emerging markets.

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Amundi Funds Net Zero Ambition Global Corporate Bond

This fund is an ambitious Net Zero Global Corporate building block with diversified sectoral and country allocation.

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Amundi Funds Net Zero Ambition Global Equity

Seeks to support the global Net Zero objective while aiming to focus on quality, growth and valuation.

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Amundi Funds Net Zero Ambition Top European Player

This fund seeks to deliver attractive risk-adjusted return vs MSCI Europe Index while focusing on companies that are committed to protecting the earth.

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Amundi Funds Net Zero Ambition Multi-Asset

This funds aims to reduce carbon emissions while financing the climate transition. 

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Discover Amundi's Range of Climate ETF's.

A comprehensive range of climate ETFs enabling investors to play their part in responding to the climate emergency

Discover Amundi's Range of Climate ETF's 




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