Responsible Investing

Responsible Investing

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Seeking a better tomorrow together

Responsible Investing is all about making investment decisions that have the potential to help protect the world and the living beings in it.  Through your responsible investments you can aim to have a greater effect on our lives and the world we each live in across the developed and developing world. If we take climate change as an example, it is one of the biggest challenges of our time and changes are needed.

It’s time to act!

2023 is gearing up to be the hottest year on record, in the summer we experienced record breaking temperatures1 which further underpins the reality of climate change. The path to a sustainable and climate-neutral future poses major challenges for the economies and societies we live in. And, we all have a role to play in the transition – governments, companies, individuals and the finance industry.

Whether you’re interested in reducing CO2 emissions, climate-friendly innovations or promoting diversity in the world of work to name but a few, you can aim to contribute to a more sustainable and socially just future through your investments. At Amundi, we believe that responsible, forward-looking action and long-term opportunities go hand in hand. That is why we aim to offer environmental, social and governmental aspects in our responsible investment strategies in addition to financial ones.

More and more individuals are realising the potential positive impact they could have with their investments. Find out more about Amundi’s commitment to Responsible Investing and the innovative and responsible investment solutions we can offer you.

What does investing responsibly mean?

ESG at Amundi

We have a separate dedicated ESG department with over 60 international experts who review and evaluate companies in line with our proprietary ESG methodology. Furthermore, they are responsible for the future development of our ESG investment principles, funds and processes.

Our commitment as an Asset Manager goes far beyond offering responsible investments. As a shareholder and sparring partner, we work closely with the companies we invest in through engagement and voting. We encourage change, get involved in the implementation of ESG goals and support them in their sustainable development.

Explore the different ways you could potentially invest responsibly:  

At Amundi, we offer a wide range of open-ended funds and tailor-made Responsible Investment solutions that incorporate ESG factors into investment decisions.

Net Zero


Net Zero

The effect of climate change can be seen in every continent and in our oceans. Geographically each of us are experiencing the effects in different ways, whether it be increased temperatures, forest fires, droughts or flooding to name but a few. Companies, Investors, individuals and governments each have a pivotal role to play3.

Find out more about the Net Zero goal and how it seeks to limit the temperature rise to 1.5°C above preindustrial averages4.

Visit our dedicated Net Zero page

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ESG Improvers

ESG improvers is a forward looking and dynamic approach to ESG investing that supports companies that we believe are at the early stage of their ESG journey by helping them set sustainability goals and move forward on their ESG agenda.

Visit our dedicated ESG Improvers page

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Impact Investing

We believe that Impact Investing is a key pillar of Responsible Investing and we are fundamentally aware of our responsibilities towards the environment and society. We believe that Impact Investing is one way we could make a real difference. Impact investments are investments that have a clear objective to deliver a benefit to society, while seeking to generate measurable and concrete outcomes5.

Find out more about the main features of impact investing and the tangible ways investors can invest with an impact.

Visit our dedicated Impact Investing page

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Responsible investing is a key topic for a lot of investors over the past number of years. We each have a role to play in the fight against climate change and investors seek to do their part through their investments. But how can they be sure they’re investing in the funds that are truly supporting ESG? That’s where the European legislator gets involved. They’ve begun rethinking the role of finance, putting the financial operators at the heart of this process and highlighting the importance of the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) aspects. They’ve introduced the SFDR regulation, the aim of which is to establish a pan-European framework to facilitate sustainable investments and provide a harmonised approach to transparency requirements for investors.

Visit our dedicated SFDR page

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ESG Education


ESG Documentation

We are committed to remaining at the forefront of responsible investing and to supporting all our clients in their journey. The G in ESG stands for Governance - responsible and transparent corporate management. We expect this from the companies we invest in - and it is important for us to lead by example too. Our publications and reports provide an insight into our principles, goals and the results of our actions.

Find out more about our approach to ESG through our reports and documentation.

ESG Guidelines and Reports

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1 World Meteorological Organization, 10 July 2023

Important Information

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