Model Portfolio Solutions


A new approach to packaged fund solutions

As part of the Amundi Services and Solutions ecosystem, our Model Portfolio Solutions (MPS) are comprehensive and ready-to-implement investment solutions that will help you manage your end clients’ assets effectively, while growing your business and enhancing your income.

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A comprehensive range of 'off the shelf' solutions

The offer consists of an initial set of 10 actively managed model portfolios designed to suit the needs of a variety of investors, covering different investment objectives, risk profiles or currencies.

Looking for long-term risk-adjusted returns?

We provide access to a range of risk profile portfolios (conservative, balanced, dynamic) across a global investment universe. Our open architecture structure includes actively managed funds and ETFs, both with an ESG dimension. These portfolios come in several currencies (EUR or USD).

Interested in thematic investments?

Amundi has built a deep expertise in the allocation and construction of thematic focused portfolios. Based on open architecture, these portfolios offer access to diversified assets and investment strategies across one or more specific investment themes. Our offering is an open architecture 100 % equity model portfolio, built from actively managed funds and ETFs. This portfolio currently focuses on environmental issues, such as water, and on themes related to technology and socio-demographic trends.

Concerned by climate change?

Climate change is not only a major challenge for the planet, it also poses significant financial risks for companies and investors (anticipated rise in fossil fuel prices, carbon tax, CO2 emissions trading systems for large industrial emitters, etc.).

As a pioneer in responsible finance, Amundi is committed to offering an innovative model portfolio (MPS Climate Change) that promotes the renewable energy transition and a low-carbon economy. The allocation strategy and fund selection are specifically adapted to address these challenges.



An integrated offer

Access Amundi's global expertise to support a variety of client outcomes.


Considers your full value chain - above and beyond the investment side.


Multi-asset core allocation process applicable to any universe - active funds, ETFs, in-house or third parties.


Comprehensive support: network events, reporting, advisor training, marketing toolkit.


Multiple structuring approaches to support all types of distribution offerings and client segments.


Digital tools available to advisors and end clients.


All dimensions (branding, wrapping, language, universe…) can be customised.

The benefits of using our model portfolios




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