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A new frontier for the financial industry

Amundi Technology offers innovative technology and services to support clients in reshaping their operating model. The solutions proposed aim at meeting the needs of all savings and asset management players. The ALTO* platforms provide clients with adaptive and leading-edge solutions enabling them to focus on their core business.

Since the creation of Amundi and thanks to a successful development track record based on successive acquisitions and integrations, Amundi implemented a unique technology strategy to develop internally, investment and distribution platforms, and offer them to the investment industry. These platforms are called ALTO* and cover all major investment strategies, asset classes, and the entire front-to-back value chain driven by strong continuous investment.

In 2021, Amundi Technology has been created to accelerate the design, development, promotion and commercialization of these platforms. Amundi Technology is based on an outstanding and agile organization with talents and worldwide capabilities thanks to 900 IT experts close to business teams and clients.

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Amundi Technology and ALTO* products offer: a suite of products covering the entire savings value chain

Our 100% cloud based solutions support the advanced needs of buy-side portfolio and asset managers, as well as wealth managers, distributors, and asset servicers, for a full coverage of the investment lifecycle.


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ALTO*: differentiated offer and proven implementation capabilities

  • Innovative and scalable technology
    • Software as a service (SaaS) running on private cloud.
    • Latest features: open source, API-based, NPL, Python, machine learning.


  • Deep industry experience
    • Understanding needs of asset managers and financial institutions.
    • Helping clients to focus on their core business.


  • Augmented with services
    • Dealing, middle office, data management and reporting services.  
  • Highly competitive
    • Large base of products and functionalities.
    • No maintenance or upgrades, a cost-effective platform.


  • Strong implementation capabilities
    • Fast, effective and reliable deployment.
    • Global industrial model with flexibility for customized solutions.


Why Amundi Technology makes the difference?


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*ALTO: Amundi Leading Technologies & Operations

1 Source: Amundi figures at 31/12/2022



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