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Vignette - Time to reconsider US growth
10/11/2020 News, Investment Talks, Market News

2020 post-election analysis: Biden wins, but the United States remains divided

Final result: Former Vice President Joe Biden defeated President Trump to become the 46th President of the United States. While Trump has not conceded yet, he became only the third President to fail to win re-election since World War II. In the end, the election was a referendum on Trump as a man rather than an indictment of his policies. A political realignment is underway, with GOP emerging as a working-class party and dominating the vote in rural areas, while the ‘Blue wall’ of the Midwestern stattes of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin has become competitive for both parties.

Vignette - Vice Presidential debate
09/10/2020 Investment Talks

Investment talks - A civil Vice Presidential debate has little impact on the race

There was probably more heightened interest in this debate compared to most VP debates. First, following last week’s raucous debate that failed to shed new light into policy, viewers will be eager to see a civil and substantive political debate. Second, given the health and age of the presidential nominees, voters will be scrutinizing Pence and Harris to see if they are capable of becoming commander in chief at a moment’s notice. The debate covered nine topics such as COVID-19, the role of the Vice President, Economy, Climate Change, China, Role of US leadership, Supreme Court, Racial Justice, and, finally, acceptance of the Election Result.