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Vignette - Italy outlook
18/01/2021 Research / Market

Italy: ECB's umbrella to protect bond market, despite uncertain political situation

Political situation: On 13 January, Italia Viva – a minor coalition partner led by former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi – pulled out of the ruling coalition, leaving the government short of a majority in the Senate. However, we believe that snap elections are unlikely for now. In our view, the most likely scenarios are: Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte could seek to win a confidence vote, with support from parties both inside and outside the ruling majority and also unaffiliated lawmakers (Gruppo Misto); Conte could step down, triggering a new round of talks that could eventually lead to a new administration, headed by Conte himself or another Prime Minister, with support from the same alliance; or a caretaker administration could be appointed to manage the government until the next election.

Vignette - Blue paper - US IG for insurance
13/01/2021 Research / Market

European insurers: the case for going global in the credit allocation

In the hunt for yield, some years ago European investors started to allocate part of their credit exposure to dollar assets. However, many then put a stop to this diversification due to high hedging costs. In the context of the Covid-19 outbreak, the Fed cut rates to post-Lehman lows. Consequently, euro and dollar interest rates converged significantly, reducing hedging costs and making a case for broadening the investment universe from a European to a global base more attractive.

Vignette - Amundi & Lonvia Capital
11/01/2021 News

Welcome to LONVIA Capital in the ALTO* x CACEIS clients community!

As part of its common front-to-back offer with CACEIS, Amundi is delighted to announce that LONVIA Capital has chosen the ALTO* technology solution combined with operational services covering the entire asset management value chain for its three funds. Through this agreement, the LONVIA Capital teams benefit from the portfolio management platform ALTO*, available in SaaS mode1, and delegate to Amundi and CACEIS the management of the data repository, the execution of orders, middle office and back office operations.