2024 Investment Outlook


 2024 Midyear Market Outlook

2024 Midyear Market Outlook - Equities

Are we due for a recession in the US? In his mid-year outlook for the second half of 2024, Marco Pirondini, Amundi’s US Chief Investment Officer, addresses the slowing US economy, fragmented global growth, the potential long-term risks of the growing US deficit, and the overvaluation of some parts of the US market.

2024 Midyear Market Outlook - Fixed Income

In his outlook for the second half of 2024, Jonathan Duensing, head of fixed income and portfolio manager at Amundi US, looks at important elements affecting today’s fixed income markets, including US immigration, labor levels, and the US budget deficit.  

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It's all about confidence: assessing risks worth taking

  •  Inflation has been stickier than expected, but it is expected to decelerate further towards central bank targets in 2025, allowing central banks to initiate and continue the new cycle of cuts at different speeds.
  •  Equities are still attractive unless we enter a recession, which is not our base case. However, there are concerns about excessive valuations in US mega-caps. Potential opportunities abound in US quality, value and international equity. 
  •  After trading in a narrow range, fixed income yields are set for a new course, with rate cuts approaching and curves expected to structurally steepen. With yields already at historically appealing levels, a window of opportunity could be opening. 


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Featuring Insights from:

Vincent Mortier
Group Chief Investment Officer, Amundi

Monica Defend
Head of Amundi Investment Institute & Chief Strategist

Marco Pirondini
Executive Vice President
Chief Investment Officer, US
Portfolio Manager

Jonathan Duensing
Senior Managing Director
Head of Fixed Income, US
Portfolio Manager

Craig Sterling
 Managing Director
Head of Equity Research, US
Portfolio Manager

Ken Taubes
Executive Vice President
Portfolio Manager