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Amundi Funds Pioneer Strategic Income

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Amundi Funds Polen Capital Global Growth 

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Amundi Funds US Pioneer Fund

March 2022 - On-Demand Update available

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Amundi Funds Pioneer US Equity Fundamental Growth

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Amundi Funds Pioneer US Short Term Bond

We are pleased to announce reduced fees and expenses for the A2 share class, which offers lower costs to shareholders. Learn More.

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Amundi Funds Pioneer US Bond

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Amundi Funds Emerging Markets Bond

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Amundi Funds Global Aggregate Bond

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First Eagle Amundi International Fund

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On-Demand Updates

Webnar Replay | June 2022

Winds of War Blow on Economic Outlook

Market volatility and economic uncertainty have continued to dominate the headlines. Paresh Upadhyaya, Senior Vice President and Director of Fixed Income and Currency Strategies at Amundi US provides detailed insight and perspective on the direction of the markets to help you better support and guide our clients' investment decision-making.

Video | March 2022

Amundi Funds US Pioneer Fund: Doing Good While Seeking to Do Well

Amundi Funds US Pioneer Fund’s integrated approach to ESG investing looks for companies that are competitively strong, financially sound, and socially and environmentally responsible.  Jeff Kripke explains how this Fund is designed to pursue above average returns over time with reduced risk.