Direction of the Markets


Weekly Market Monitor

A weekly summary of global market activity, including performance of key equity and fixed income indices, currency and commodity information, bond yields and spreads and key economic indicators. 

Weekly Market Monitor as of June 24, 2022


Quarterly Outlook Videos

Video | June 2022

Equity Mid-Year Market Outlook

Senior Managing Director, Head of Equities, US, and Portfolio Manager at Amundi US, Marco Pirondini provides his views on the equity market and discusses the US economic outlook for the remainder of 2022 and 2023. In addition, he will provide insights in to current valuations compared to historical averages and how investors should position their equity portfolios.

Video | June 2022

Fixed Income Mid-Year Market Outlook

Senior Managing Director, Head of Fixed Income, US, and Portfolio Manager, Jon Duensing, CFA, delves into his expectations for inflation and the direction of yields in the major US fixed income asset classes given the sharp increase in interest rates. He also explores the role fixed income should play in portfolios given the impact of inflation, where value may be found in bond markets, and the sectors investors should avoid.


Quarterly Update on the Direction of the Markets

A quarterly update offering comprehensive coverage of the markets including global context, our outlook, and trends.

Q2 2022 / As of May 2022