Opportunities Beyond a Precarious Path


Going Global with Equities

After a volatile year in 2022 due to the Ukraine war and rapid inflation, geographic diversity is again a valuable form of diversification1. To seek reduced portfolio risk and increased return potential, investors can extend the geography of their portfolios into both developed and emerging economies.


Extending global reach could reduce equity portfolio risk

Driven by the buzz around artificial intelligence and by Fed-injected liquidity, we believe US equities have experienced potentially unsustainable growth.

Global equities do more than diversify portfolios. They also may offer returns and dividends at a lower cost, all while potentially reducing concentration risk. See which portions of the global equity markets may be most appealing.

Marco Pirondini, Head of Equities, US and Portfolio Manager at Amundi US, explains how expanding global reach could help strengthen investor portfolios.

With some US valuations uncomfortably high, look abroad for inspiration

Against the current economic backdrop of higher inflation and interest rates, investors may be able to benefit from expanding the global reach of their portfolios. Global stocks can offer the potential benefit of higher dividends*, reasonable valuations, and a stronger banking sector.

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Opportunities to Explore

Amundi Funds Pioneer Global Equity is a global portfolio that takes an “all-weather” approach to investing utilizing an integrated top down and bottom up investment approach to seek high quality companies with sustainable competitive advantages that we believe are trading at attractive valuations. The Portfolio aims to identify attractive risk-adjusted opportunities with an emphasis on large market capitalization stocks. The Portfolio incorporates ESG risk analysis in its decision-making process with an emphasis on materiality.

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Amundi Funds Pioneer Income Opportunities is an income solution that uses a flexible, multi-asset approach to seek income and capital appreciation as a secondary objective across the global landscape. Since the Fund’s launch, flexibility has allowed it to adapt the asset allocation to evolving market conditions, to seek a high level of income for its investors. 

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1Diversification does not assure a profit or protect against loss.

*Dividends are not guaranteed