Opportunities Beyond a Precarious Path


Pursuing Income

With bond yields back to historical levels, fixed income investments may return to their traditional role as sources of potential income and diversification to help manage risk in a portfolio.  Our range of funds can help investors manage the risks associated with fixed income investments as bonds appear ready to resume their important position in portfolios. 


Elevated yields can help buffer investors

We’ve seen interest rates move higher, which we see as an opportunity for investors to add interest rate duration to their portfolios. Investors may want to consider higher-grade, higher-quality parts of the fixed income markets.

Where should investors look for exposure in their pursuit of income, and how can they aim to mitigate risks?  Learn why intermediate-term bonds could be a solution.

Jon Duensing, Head of Fixed Income and Portfolio Manager at Amundi US, shares his outlook for US and international fixed income markets.

Bonds can play a role as a diversifier* from equities

We believe intermediate, high-quality bonds remain compelling due to their historically elevated yields, longer duration profile and negative return correlation to equities and other high-risk assets. 

Read our full paper, Why Investors Should Consider a Bond Allocation

Against a backdrop of risky equity markets, we believe investors can potentially generate income and capital appreciation by employing a global, multi-asset approach. 

Read our full paper,  A Multi-Asset Approach to the Income Challenge


Opportunities to Explore


Amundi Funds Pioneer US Bond is a multi-sector bond fund that invests across a broad range of US dollar-denominated fixed income sectors, including US investment grade core, up to 20% in non-investment grade securities and up to 15% in non-US securities. 

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Amundi Funds Pioneer Income Opportunities is an income solution that uses a flexible, multi-asset approach across the global investment landscape to seek income and as a secondary objective capital appreciation. Since the Fund’s launch, flexibility has allowed it to adapt the asset allocation to evolving market conditions, to seek a high level of income for its investors.

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Amundi Funds Pioneer Strategic Income is a multi-sector bond fund that invests across a broad range of global fixed income sectors, including core US investment grade, non-investment grade, non-US country, currency and floating rate asset classes.

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*Diversification does not assure a profit or protect against loss