Opportunities Beyond a Precarious Path


Quality is the Compass

In the current environment of high levels of inflation and interest rate rises, we believe investors should consider equity investments that seek to provide a unique combination of structural growth potential, quality, stability and relative valuation support. Careful selection is key to finding equities that could be poised for outperformance.


Help Equity Investors Keep Their Course in Volatile Markets

Investors searching for ways to reduce portfolio risk in volatile markets could head in the wrong direction and sacrifice growth potential. When market noise rises, we believe in pursuing equity investments that seek to provide quality through structural growth potential, stability and relative valuation support. Careful selection is key to finding equities that could be poised for outperformance.

Is a recession coming – or not? Uncertain investment scenarios, such as the one we currently face, make a focus on quality even more important. Learn more about quality, which we believe can be an essential component in an equity portfolio.

Marco Pirondini, Head of Equities, US provides his outlook for the Equity Markets.


Opportunities to Explore

Amundi Funds US Pioneer Fund flexibly allocates to both value and growth companies via a nimble portfolio designed to help investors navigate transitions between equity styles. The Fund's portfolio managers integrate ESG analysis1 into their investment process and evaluate ESG-related risks.

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Amundi Funds Pioneer US Equity Fundamental Growth seeks long-term capital growth by investing primarily in US large capitalization companies. We believe investing in quality stocks at attractive valuations can generate attractive risk-adjusted returns over time.

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