A Multi-Asset Approach to the Income Challenge

Monday 16 October 2023

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A Multi-Asset Approach to the Income Challenge

October 2023 | We believe that equity markets are more risky than they have been over the last 10 years. Valuations are stretched, monetary authorities are much less supportive, and governments have probably already reached the limits of the fiscal stimulus they can provide. Given these challenges, we believe investors can potentially generate income and capital appreciation by employing a global, multi-asset approach with the flexibility to invest in all geographies and asset classes. Importantly, adoption of a more nuanced definition set of asset classes, or micro-asset classes without constraint of benchmark orientation, affords investors the potential to identify attractive opportunities in the midst of broader categories where the top level risk and reward characteristics may appear to be less favorable.

01 |  We believe a global multi-asset approach with the flexibility to deploy capital across all geographies and asset classes can better equip investors to generate income while balancing the risks of today’s markets.

02 | The adoption of a more granular approach toward asset class definition offers the potential to identify attractive opportunities many investors are unable to recognize.

03 | A world with higher interest rates and persistently elevated rates of inflation motivates us to favor assets we believe possess deep valuation support and strong free cash flow generation.

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