Investing Today in the Sustainable Leaders of Tomorrow: The Potential for US ESG Improvers

Tuesday 07 February 2023

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Investing Today in the Sustainable Leaders of Tomorrow: The Potential for US ESG Improvers

February 2023 | The massive inflows into ESG funds in recent years have led to market crowding and potentially unreasonable valuation premiums for “ESG Leaders,” or companies with the highest relative ESG ratings. In the US, that group of companies is disproportionately comprised of asset-light, high-growth companies that were able to embrace ESG policies and related disclosures relatively easily. We believe the shift from growth to value will sustain itself for years, and that by incorporating forward-looking ESG analysis, investors can identify future ESG Leaders—or “ESG Improvers”—in the value side of the US stock market.

01 |  As the US economy and society continue to evolve, corporates and asset managers are faced with navigating newer environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks, opportunities, and shifting end-investor preferences.

02 | The adoption of sustainable business practices is growing more rapidly than data can dynamically capture, making it critical for investors to identify companies that strengthen their business models by incorporating sustainable practices.

03 | We believe that shifting ESG analysis from a current, high-level ESG snapshot to a forward-looking, bottom-up approach can help investors identify companies that are positioned to profit in the future from their ESG momentum.

Investing Today in the Sustainable Leaders of Tomorrow

Important Information

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