Investment Outlook 2023: Some Light for Investors After the Storm

Monday 05 December 2022

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Investment Outlook 2023: Some Light for Investors After the Storm

December 2022 | We predict that 2023 will be a two-speed year, with plenty of risks to watch out for. Bonds are back, market valuations are getting more attractive, and a Fed pivot in the first part of the year could trigger interesting entry points. We expect global growth to slow significantly, with several countries across both developed markets and EM suffering stagnation, while others may face a slowdown at best.

01 |  Developed market central banks have hiked rates aggressively in 2022 to tame inflation pressures, but they are unlikely to keep this pace going in 2023.

02 | The energy crisis will be the main economic driver in Europe, which we believe will fall into recession.

03 | The level of the Federal Reserve’s terminal interest rate will be critical; if close to 6%, a US recession will be in the cards and could be more severe than what is expected today.

Investment Outlook 2023

Important Information

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Inflation trends, central banks and geopolitics to drive markets

 In addition to central banks' policies and inflation trends, we believe domestic politics and their impact on international relations will be important determinants of financial markets and economic direction. Our economic outlook is relatively robust, but valuations are tight in some areas of risk assets, allowing us to stay slightly positive on equities overall. However, we reduced our stance slightly in developed market equities and believe investors should consider building protection in some areas here. In bonds, we are constructive on US duration and core Europe, while we maintain our cautious stance on Japan. In corporate credit, EU investment grade is our favorite area.

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In developed markets, we move to neutral from positive on Japan and we see scope for rebalancing in favor of the UK, European small caps and the US. While the US is displaying strong earnings, we believe Europe should benefit from the moderately resilient economic environment and rate cuts. In government bonds, we are positive on the US and core Europe, along with Italy. In credit, valuations in Euro investment grade appear attractive. We also look for selective opportunities across emerging markets and see oil as providing protection from geopolitical risks.