Positive Signs for Municipal Bonds

Tuesday 05 September 2023

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Positive Signs for Municipal Bonds

August 2023 | From Q1 through Q3 of 2022, the municipal bond market experienced a sell-off unprecedented in over 40 years, with the Bloomberg Municipal Bond Index falling more than 12%. Since that time, the market has recovered somewhat, returning 6.42% from 9/30/2022 through 8/10/2023. Much of the 2021/2022 sell-off was driven by macro factors such as persistent inflation and the US Federal Reserve’s aggressive measures to tame it, while some of the pain was self-inflicted as investors hit the panic button – leading to over $115 billion of outflows. In our opinion, very little, if any, of the sell-off was due to fundamental concerns, and investors should consider this potential opportunity.

01 |  After a historic sell-off and only a partial recovery, we believe strong fundamentals support a positive outlook for municipal bond markets.

02 | We believe that high rainy day fund balances, federal support, and a lack of leveraging have left many state and local governments in a strong position.

03 | Historically, tax exemptions have tended to become more valuable with higher levels of interest rates.

Potentially Positive Signs for Municipal Bonds

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