2024 | Winner United States LSEG Lipper Fund Awards

Pioneer Global Sustainable Equity Fund (PGSYX) was recognized for performance in the Lipper Global Multi-Cap Value Funds category over the 10-year period and Pioneer Multi-Asset Ultrashort Income Fund (MAUKX) was recognized for performance in the Lipper Ultra-Short Obligations Funds category over the 3-year period. 
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Amundi US Ranked #7 (10-year), #4 (5-year), and #24 (1-year) for overall performance

by Barron's list of Best Fund Families calendar year 2023.  Out of 46 (10-year), 47 (5-year), and 49 (1-year) fund families.  Based on asset-weighted total return.  For more information about the Barron's list, including methodology, visit our dedicated webpage.
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Markets, economy and valuations: debate rages on

 We believe valuations are excessive in some segments, such as mega-caps, where profit margins are also high. But the key question is whether these high margins justify current valuations? 
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CAT Bonds may provide a unique opportunity

Given market volatility and economic uncertainty, investors are revisiting their allocation strategy, searching for  income through alternative asset classes. Learn more about the Pioneer CAT Bond Fund, which is celebrating its first anniversary.

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Pioneer Global Sustainable Equity Fund (PGSYX) was recognized for performance in the Lipper Global Multi-Cap Value Funds category over the 10-year period. Out of 84 share classes and 31 portfolios. Based on historical risk-adjusted returns of Class Y shares, relative to peers as of 11/30/23. 

Pioneer Multi-Asset Ultrashort Income Fund (MAUKX) was recognized for performance in the Lipper Ultra-Short Obligations Funds category over the 3-year period. Out of 133 share classes and 46 portfolios. Based on historical risk-adjusted returns of Class K shares, relative to peers as of 11/30/23. 

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Latest Research and Insights

IT-US HY Outlook
04/17/2024 Investment Talks

US High Yield Market Outlook and Positioning

Although first-quarter returns proved to be anemic, at least they were consistent. Across the quarter, monthly returns were positive and spreads moved tighter. With inflation's decline stalling, short-term rate expectations stabilized. Within high yield, Treasury yield increases largely negated the effects of tighter spreads, leading to returns near the index's coupon yield. Although CCCs were the best performers in the US and globally, the US High Yield Distressed Index  (comprised of issuers with spreads over 1000 basis points) underperformed the broader US high yield market, indicating investors were more interested in high-yielding bonds than in potential workouts.

GIV-April 2024
04/08/2024 Global Investment Views, Equity, Fixed income

The late-cycle environment continues to play out

Stocks are pricing in a rosy scenario in terms of economic growth, which has led to strong upside already this year, with some broadening of the rally evident recently. These movements are further aided by ample liquidity and robust earnings, particularly in the US. The messaging from the Fed and the ECB has been focused on how important it is for inflation to come down for them to reduce rates, even though the debate continues on whether the neutral rate has moved higher.

IT-Bonds Take Center Stage
04/05/2024 Investment Talks

Bonds Take Center Stage

For most of the last year, savers have been earning a reasonable return in cash. But how long can these compelling cash rates last? Historically, the answer has been: not very long. In every rate hike cycle since the 1970s, the US Federal Reserve has “paused at the peak” federal funds rate for a matter of months, not years, and history suggests the rate cuts could begin soon. With history as a guide, we believe investors may benefit from locking in some of today’s historically elevated interest rates by moving out of cash and into short-term bonds.

Products and Investment Ideas

Dynamic Markets Agile Thinking

We anticipate fundamental market shifts in 2024 resulting from global dynamics and geopolitical events, and continue our agile emphasis on value, quality and growth across asset classes.

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Global Opportunities Shift

Look beyond near horizons to pockets of resilience and change in a transitioning economy.

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Bonds Take Center Stage

Rate cuts in 2024 may be the catalyst for reducing portfolio risk by moving allocations to longer-term, higher-quality bonds.

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Momentum for Quality Accelerates

Consider shifting equity holdings away from concentration risk by infusing quality across cyclicals, defensives and industries primed for the next-stage economy.

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Consider Low- or Uncorrelated Allocations

Market volatility is an expected undercurrent in 2024, and alternatives to traditional assets may offset the potential downside.

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Responsible Investing

At Amundi US, responsible investing is part of our heritage.

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