Dynamic Markets, Agile Thinking


Global Opportunities Shift

We believe the slowing of the economy, led by developed markets, will persist on a global basis while inflation will continue to ease. At the same time, tight financial conditions in many countries could impact growth. Some regions and sectors have benefited from seismic shifts over the last few years, and these changing market dynamics may offer investors differentiated sources of return. 

Extending global reach could reduce equity portfolio risk

Driven by the buzz around artificial intelligence and by Fed-injected liquidity, we believe US equities have experienced potentially unsustainable growth.   

Marco Pirondini, Chief Investment Officer, US, explains how expanding global reach could help strengthen investor portfolios. 

A global, multi-asset approach can help investors pursue income while balancing risks

As investors seek effective strategies to enhance income, we believe they should consider risk management and diversification while avoiding crowded sectors and overvalued securities. A flexible, global multi-asset approach can help investors pursue their capital preservation and income generation goals. 

By using a more nuanced method of defining asset classes without the constraints of traditional benchmarks, investors can create additional potential for identifying value

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Global Growth Outlook 

Diversification to both international and domestic US allocations can position portfolios for upside capture across the global markets.