CAT Bonds may provide a unique opportunity to invest in an alternative asset class

Given market volatility and economic uncertainty, investors are revisiting their allocation strategy, searching for  income through alternative asset classes. Learn more about the Pioneer CAT Bond Fund, which is celebrating its first anniversary.
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Bonds and emerging markets stand out in the Santa rally

The rapid retreat in fixed income yields caused by falling inflation and dovish central banks has affected valuations, but bonds are still a good diversifier as we enter a slowdown.
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Inflation is receding, but the fight is not over.

The past month saw a recovery in risk assets on the back of continuing disinflation and indications that the Fed is close to peak rates, leading US and European yields to retreat.
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Opportunities Beyond a Precarious Path

We believe the lagging effects of economic tightening by central banks will lead to a further deceleration in growth, characterized by a mild US recession and anemic growth in Europe. With an uncertain economic path ahead, investors can potentially strengthen their portfolios with a series of opportunities.  
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Amundi's 2024 Investment Outlook

We believe 2024 will see the tide turn for the economic and monetary policy outlooks, while fiscal policy may experience constrained consolidation with the focus remaining on the energy transition.

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Latest Research and Insights

February 2024 Cross Asset
02/13/2024 Cross Asset

Japan equity: top performer in 2023; remains attractive option for 2024

Three key arguments support the Japanese market: (1) A recovery in profits (2) A strong incentive from the Tokyo Stock Exchange for companies to improve their capital efficiency and (3) The shift out of deflation is boosting a market rerating. The risks to these positive arguments are mostly linked to the yen. A strong comeback by the yen, should global equity volatility increase sufficiently in 2024 to encourage the unwinding of carry trades, would weigh on the performance of Japan's equities in local currency It would penalize profits and, everything else being equal, slow the process of increasing inflation, weighing on valuations at the same time.

02/09/2024 Research / Market

Will Artificial Intelligence increase economic growth?

Recent advances in the development of artificial intelligence (AI) could lead to potentially disruptive changes across a wide range of industries. Will AI significantly increase aggregate economic growth through its impact on labor markets and increases in productivity? And will it enhance the productivity of labor or displaced workers? We believe that it is inevitable that AI will be widely adopted in the long term, and that it will have a positive impact on productivity and economic growth. But while it could be a huge gain for countries where the labor force is projected to decline, investors should be mindful that AI will be disruptive in the short term and will likely adversely affect profitability and returns in a number of sectors.

February GIV
02/08/2024 Global Investment Views, Equity, Fixed income

A challenging rate-cut path for central banks

The strength in the US economy keeps us confident that the Federal Reserve will not begin policy cuts before the end of May, and the European Central Bank will also remain vigilant on disinflation. Sluggish growth expectations going forward mean the emphasis on quality credit and valuations will likely increase. Equities markets are continuing to display acute anomalies relative to the historical norm, with high valuation dispersion between growth and value and an extraordinary concentration in the largest securities. We are prioritizing fundamentals, and exploring strong businesses in Japan and US value sectors.

Products and Investment Ideas

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Opportunities Beyond a Precarious Path

We believe the effects of economic tightening may lead to a deceleration in growth. With an uncertain economic path ahead, investors can potentially strengthen their portfolios with a series of opportunities.

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Pursuing Income

With bond yields back to historical levels, fixed income investments may return to their traditional role as sources of potential income and risk management.

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Quality is the Compass

In this environment of high levels of inflation and rising interest rates, we believe investors can seek to select equities that provide a combination of structural growth potential, quality, stability and valuation support. 

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Going Global with Equities

To seek reduced portfolio risk and increased return potential, investors can extend the geography of their portfolios into both developed and emerging economies.

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Low and Uncorrelated
Low & Uncorrelated Products

Investors seeking to strengthen alpha and potentially reduce risk may incorporate investments with low correlation to traditional investments, such as catastrophe bonds, which are dependent on extreme weather events.

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Responsible Investing

At Amundi US, responsible investing is part of our heritage.

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