An Active, Risk-Managed Approach to Core Fixed Income


Pioneer Bond Fund

Y-Share: PICYX | A-Share: PIOBX
C-Share: PCYBX | K-Share: PBFKX 

Pioneer Bond Fund is a multi-sector bond fund that invests across a broad range of US dollar-denominated fixed income sectors, including US investment grade core, up to 20% in non-investment grade securities and up to 15% in non-US securities. The Fund's benchmark is the Bloomberg US Aggregate Bond Index, a broad measure of the US bond market.

Overall Y Share Morningstar RatingTM

(out of 561 funds in the Intermediate Core-Plus Bond Category)


Morningstar Proprietary Risk-Adjusted Ratings Performance as of 6/30/2024
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An Active, Risk-Managed Approach to Core Fixed Income

Pioneer Bond Fund seeks current income and strives to deliver competitive returns compared to a traditional higher-quality, US core fixed income portfolio, while limiting additional volatility. 


Diversified Sources of Risk / Return

We seek to diversify1 across a broad range of fixed income asset classes and exposure to non-core sectors with lower correlations. We believe this can contribute to higher returns, lower volatility and reduced downside risk versus its peers over time.

Integrated (Non-Siloed) Portfolio Management

In addition to assessing risk at the overall portfolio level, as credit managers we also seek to manage risk at the sector, industry and issuer/security levels. These decisions are aligned with the Fund's objectives and risk tolerances.

Transparency of Portfolio

The Fund strives to adds value by investing primarily in cash bonds.  The focus on cash bond markets and low historical derivative usage may appeal to investors who seek greater transparency in their investments. 

Distinguishing Features

Seeking Outperformance through Dynamic Allocation

Seeking to benefit from its value-driven, diversified approach, Pioneer Bond Fund strives to deliver outperformance of its benchmark and peers over time. The Fund’s flexible approach to asset allocation can help pursue strong performance in different economic, interest rate and credit environments.

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