Our Key Takeaways From the IMF's Spring Meetings

Monday 08 May 2023

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Our Key Takeaways From the IMF's Spring Meetings

May 2023 | Investor sentiment is downbeat, but not overly bearish. With tightening credit conditions, our US growth outlook is lower compared to that of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), while we are more optimistic on China. This supports a cautious stance and a search for opportunities across the emerging world. There are some signs of complacency on Europe, while debates were mostly focused on geo-economic fragmentation and the urgency of policy action regarding crisis management and to secure artificial intelligence development.

01 | Our base scenario is largely aligned with the scenario showcased by the International Monetary  Fund (IMF): Inflation should prove stickier and stay above central bank targets for longer.

02 | There was a wide consensus about markets currently pricing in too many Fed rate cuts that confirms our positive view on US duration.

03 | Real bond yields are higher than they were before the pandemic, but are likely to return to pre-COVID levels in the medium term, when inflation returns to major central banks' 2% target.

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Financial Stability Concerns to Tip the Balance Towards a US Recession

The recent stress in large parts of the US banking sector is significant—it adds to pressure on funding costs and profitability stemming from the fastest monetary tightening on record as well as the protracted period of an inverted yield curve. These stresses will constrain many banks' ability to lend, and will have a material impact on the outlook. As a result, we are revising our US forecast. We now expect a more protracted recession during the course of 2023 rather than mild weakness.

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A Strained German Economy Can Be Good News For Europe

In Europe, due to high inflation and a fall in household and business confidence, the outlook remains uncertain, with a risk of gas rationing during the winter, which would cause industrial production to fall further. In the short term, the drivers of domestic demand (consumption and investment) have been weakened. High energy prices are weighing on industry, construction, and investment. Meanwhile, inflation is reducing real incomes and real wages are falling despite increases in negotiated wages and a strong labor market.

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Defensive Asset Allocation Extends into 2023

The economic backdrop foreseen for the next 12 months suggests that the ongoing market correction will continue through the first half of 2023. In the second half of the year, we expect some of the headwinds to abate due to lower price pressures and a hold on interest rate rises. We believe this will support a gradual shift from a defensive stance, with its tilt towards gold, investment grade credit and government bonds, to increased risk exposure through developed market equity and high-quality credit.

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