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Morningstar Sustainability RatingsTM

July 31, 2023

The Morningstar Sustainability RatingTM is intended to measure how well the companies of the securities within a fund’s portfolio are managing their environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities relative to the fund’s Morningstar category peers.

Sustainability Ratings

Universe /
% of AUM

Pioneer Balanced ESG Fund

Moderate Allocation Category

751 / 93.96%

Pioneer Bond Fund

Intermediate Core-Plus Bond Category

625 / 73.92%

Pioneer Core Equity Fund

Large Blend Category

1,447 / 100.00%

Pioneer Emerging Markets Equity Fund

Diversified Emerging Markets Category

832 / 99.66%

Pioneer Flexible Opportunities Fund

Tactical Allocation Category

248 / 98.16%

Pioneer Fund

Large Blend Category

1,447 / 100.00%

Pioneer Fundamental Growth Fund

Large Growth Category

1,224 / 100.00%

Pioneer Global Sustainable Growth Fund

Global Large-Stock Growth Category

358 / 99.26%

Pioneer Mid Cap Value Fund

Mid-Cap Value Category

398 / 99.94%

Pioneer Select Mid Cap Growth Fund

Mid-Cap Growth Category

561 / 98.69%

Morningstar Sustainability RatingsTM and ScoresTM

Sustainalytics is an independent ESG and corporate governance research, ratings, and analysis firm and is not an affiliated company of Morningstar, Inc.

The Morningstar Sustainability Rating™ is a monthly measure of how well the holdings in a portfolio are managing their environmental, social, and governance, or ESG, risks and opportunities relative to their Morningstar Category peers. Globe icons depict the Morningstar Sustainability Rating as follows: 5 globes (High); 4 globes (Above Average); 3 globes (Average); 2 globes (Below Average) and 1 globe (Low). Sustainalytics, a leading provider of ESG research, provides company-level analysis used in the calculation of Morningstar’s Sustainability Score. The Morningstar Sustainability Rating calculation is a two-step process. First, each fund with at least 50% of assets covered by a company-level ESG score from Sustainalytics receives a Morningstar® Portfolio Sustainability ScoreTM. The Morningstar Portfolio Sustainability Score is an asset-weighted average of normalized companylevel ESG scores with deductions made for controversial incidents by the issuing companies, such as environmental accidents, fraud, or discriminatory behavior. The Morningstar Sustainability Rating is then assigned to all scored funds within Morningstar Categories in which at least ten (10) funds receive a Portfolio Sustainability Score and is determined by each fund’s rank within the following distribution: High (highest 10%); Above Average (next 22.5%); Average (next 35%); Below Average (next 22.5%) and Low (lowest 10%). A Sustainability Rating is assigned to any fund that has more than half of its underlying assets rated by Sustainalytics and is within a Morningstar Category with at least 10 scored funds; therefore, the rating it is not limited to funds with explicit sustainable or responsible investment mandates.

The Fund’s adviser may integrate ESG considerations in its investment research process, which may mean forgoing some investment opportunities available to funds that do not consider ESG information.

Before investing, consider the product's investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. Contact your financial professional or Amundi US for a prospectus or summary prospectus containing this information. Read it carefully. To obtain a free prospectus or summary prospectus and for information on any Pioneer fund, please download it from our  literature section.

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