Flexible Allocation


Amundi Multi-Asset Income Strategy

Our Amundi Multi-Asset Income Strategy seeks to obtain a high level of current income with capital appreciation as a secondary objective.





Our Amundi Multi-Asset Income Strategy seeks to provide high current monthly income relative to the broad market through a diversified1 portfolio of income producing stocks and bonds. In an effort to enhance income potential, the Strategy also diversifies geographically—investing in domestic, international and emerging markets.

1Diversification does not guarantee a profit or protect against a loss.

Marco Pirondini

Executive Vice President
Chief Investment Officer, US 
Portfolio Manager


Howard Weiss, CFA

Senior Vice President
Director of Multi-Asset Solutions, US
Portfolio Manager



  • Flexible asset allocation portfolio with a high income emphasis, while also focused on enhancing purchasing power over time
  • Ability to take advantage of both US and global opportunities
  • Maximum non-US exposure 40%
  • Maximum Emerging Markets exposure 30%
  • Opportunities for income and capital appreciation potential from dividend paying equities
  • Maximum equity exposure of 60%
  • A tactical asset allocation and hedging strategy aimed at reducing volatility, while protecting income

PLEASE NOTE: The Internal Guidelines referenced do not necessarily represent prospectus / statutory limitations. These internal guidelines are used as guidance in the daily management of the Portfolio's investments. the Portfolio's exposures, limitations, and / or risks.

Why Amundi US?

A strong investment culture focused on sound, fundamental research drives the management of the Amundi Multi-Asset Income Strategy. Key features of the Strategy include:

  • Active management: Find income opportunities in multiple asset classes and geographies
  • Distinctive diversification: Determine the relevant income generating asset classes
  • Independent thinking: Employ a value approach to security selection and asset allocation
  • Risk management: Maintain a stable long-term risk profile