Investment Management Services

Our institutional business is rooted in the firm's long history of value-based investing, relationship management excellence and time-tested, competitive investment solutions. Throughout its history, the firm has not only played a key role in defining the asset management industry, it has also constantly evolved with client needs and the industry.

A complete service for all your needs

Client Service

Our institutional relationship managers strive to foster long-term client relationships, putting the needs of our clients first and serving them by:

  • Creating a consultative approach customized to each client's unique investment needs
  • Offering a single point-of-contact through a dedicated, experienced relationship manager
  • Providing access to portfolio managers through conference calls and client meetings



Tailored ESG Strategies

Each institution may have its own ESG requirements, exclusion and selection criteria. We will work with your firm to customize strategies based upon your requirements. 


Proprietary Research

Our career analysts, specialized by sector and asset class, focus on understanding intrinsic asset value for clients. Research is the foundation upon which we are built and, we believe, is the key to sustaining a competitive advantage in the long run. We continue to produce new research findings with a goal of benefiting our clients.


Risk Management and Performance Attribution

We take a holistic view of portfolios by leveraging quantitative tools and the insightful viewpoints of our experienced Portfolio Management teams. Our sophisticated analytics system provides an important competitive advantage, allowing us to examine portfolio risk factors with extreme precision – so we can better manage portfolio tracking error and design portfolio strategies that optimize risk and return profiles.