Investment Grade Corporate

Our Investment Grade Corporate Credit Strategy is an actively managed strategy that primarily invests in US investment grade corporate bonds. The Strategy seeks to meet client return objectives ranging from 50 to 100 basis points of gross annualized excess return over a market cycle.





The Strategy is appropriate for investors seeking higher quality yield enhancement relative to the developed market alternatives.

Brad Komenda, CFA

Managing Director
Director of Investment Grade Corporates
Portfolio Manager 


Jon Scott, CFA

Deputy Director of Multi-Sector Fixed Income
Portfolio Manager



  • Actively managed strategy that primarily invests in US investment grade corporate bonds
  • Consistent process of assessing opportunities in a targeted universe
  • Bottom-up approach of security and sector selection that uses proprietary valuation tools and in-depth fundamental analysis
  • Investment process considers top-down macro factors that can influence investment themes
  • Active management of portfolio risk exposures
  • Target duration is typically + or - 0.25 years relative to the benchmark

PLEASE NOTE: The Internal Guidelines referenced do not necessarily represent prospectus / statutory limitations.These internal guidelines are used as guidance in the daily management of the Portfolio's investments.These guidelines are subject to change and should not be relied upon as a long term view of the Portfolio's exposures, limitations, and / or risks.

Why Amundi US?

The Strategy is managed within a strong fixed income investment culture focused on sound, fundamental research. Key features of the Investment Grade Corporate Credit Strategy include:

  • We seek to build portfolios that generate attractive returns per unit of risk, emphasizing sector and security selection, rather than macro-positioning
  • Emphasis on forward-looking, rather than historic, measures of value
  • Real-time market price driven insights add discipline to the decision process
  • Fundamental credit analysis and experience is a vital part of the credit underwriting process
  • Lead Portfolio Manager has over 20 years of experience across the corporate credit market spectrum