US Large Cap Value

Amundi US Dividend Equity Strategy

Our Amundi US Dividend Equity Strategy invests at least 80% of its assets in income producing US equity securities. The Strategy also may invest up to 20% of its assets in debt securities-most of which are expected to be converted into common stocks. The Strategy seeks securities selling at a discount to their underlying values and then holds these securities until the market values reflect their intrinsic values. 




Our Amundi US Dividend Equity Strategy is an actively managed, value-oriented, large-cap equity strategy focused on high-quality, US dividend-paying`1 equity securities. The portfolio management team looks for well-established companies that have shown or produced exemplary dividend growth over the long term and commitment to continuing potential dividend payments.

1Dividends are not guaranteed.

John A. Carey, CFA

Managing Director
Director of Equity Income, US
Portfolio Manager


Sammi Le Truong, CFA

Vice President
Portfolio Manager



  • Focus on quality companies with consistent or increasing dividends - Can help limit risk while capital appreciation and dividends compound total returns
  • Diversification2 - Reduces risk concentration at the security, sector and portfolio levels can mitigate potential risk of large drawdowns
  • Strict adherence to investment philosophy - Can contribute to performance over time
  • Experienced Investment Team - Includes a long tenure over multiple market cycles   


2Diversification does not guarantee a profit or protect against a loss.

Why Amundi US?

Key features of the Amundi US Dividend Equity Strategy include:

  • Fundamental, research-driven approach: Research of securities, which offer attractive risk/reward ratio through analysis of industry structure, business outlook and financials, focusing on: above average dividend growth rate and dividend yield, strong balance sheet, incremental earnings power, shareholder value and strong return on equity and operating margins
  • Diversified portfolio: Exposure to high-conviction stocks, diversified across sectors and poised to outperform over the long term
  • Higher-quality dividend-paying securities: Investments include at least 80% of assets in income producing US equity securities
  • Portfolio risk evaluation and monitoring: Rigorous performance attribution and risk analysis through internal quantitative analysis