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ESG & our Fixed Income Process

How do we incorporate ESG investing into its fixed income process? In this video series, Michael Temple, Managing Director, Director of Credit Research, US, discusses the added challenge that fixed income investors face when assessing a corporate credit for ESG risks, and how we approach the process.

How does incorporating ESG analysis in fixed income differ from equities?

When it comes to responsible investing, fixed income investors face some unique challenges. Unlike equity investing, several complicating factors, including maturity and credit quality, can affect the assessment of an ESG risk’s impact on a credit.

What is an example of ESG complexity in credit analysis?

In this example, consider how the E, S and G risk factors could contribute to a company’s undesirable downfall.

How are ESG factors integrated into our fixed income investment process?

Despite the challenges of integrating ESG risk in fixed income, our investment team has adopted a holistic approach, analyzing ESG risks and opportunities in connection with traditional financial data.


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Michael Temple
Managing Director
Director of Credit Research, US